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 Saudi Exports" to Take Part in "Biban" Forum Activities

calendar 9/18/2017 12:00 PM


The Saudi Exports Development Authority "Saudi Exports" will be taking part in the Biban 2017 Forum, which starts on Sunday and lasts from 26 to 29 Dhu al-Hijjah. The forum organized by the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center aims at raising awareness on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and its role in the economic prosperity of the Kingdom.

"Saudi Exports" aims through its participation to introduce the Authority and its services and to raise the export awareness of the participating enterprises and visitors. The Authority will organize a workshop entitled "Exporting the Saudi Product Worldwide" on the first day of the forum Sunday, September 17, 2017, from 8:40 to 7:40 pm. The workshop will address several important topics for the SME sector such as the importance of export to business growth, global markets access routes, and procedures for exporting Saudi products.

Moreover, the participation of "Saudi Exports" in the Biban Forum comes of great importance in strengthening the relations between existing and potential SMEs with government, financing and investment entities as well as growth- and expansion-supporting entities. By raising awareness on the importance of the role of SMEs in the growth of the local economy, and providing opportunities for young people to identify promising investment opportunities and their leveraging means, "Saudi Exports" will contribute to raising this sector's contribution to GDP from 20 percent to nearly 35 percent, being one of the most important objectives in the Saudi Vision 2030.

It is noteworthy that "Saudi Exports" employs all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment; build export capacities; promote exporters and their products; create export opportunities; encourage exporters; promote Saudi products in international markets; and increase their competitive quality in order to help them access these international markets in a way that reflects the position of the Saudi product and to serve as a tributary to the national economy. The work of "Saudi Exports" comes as a translation of the Saudi Vision 2030 and a response to the aspirations of the wise leadership towards diversifying the sources of income for the national economy.

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