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 “SAUDI EXPORTS” Issues the 2nd Edition to Clarify Export Procedures

calendar 12/15/2015 12:00 PM



Almu'aiqel: The "Export Guide" is a Comprehensive Reference that will contribute to the Growth of National Corporations

The manager of corporate communication at the Saudi Exports Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS", Jamal Almu'aiqel stressed that, in the framework of the strategy worked out by the Saudi exports, and based on the objectives aimed to stimulating the growth of national corporations, the Authority issued the second edition of the "Export Guide" to be a comprehensive and an integrated reference to all Saudi exporters.

Almu'aiqel explained that the guide provides a detailed documented reference on the export mechanism in the Kingdom. It aims to raise awareness among small and medium enterprises of local producers about the importance of exports and key procedures. He added that the Authority is keen in developing readiness to export by small and medium enterprises through the development of exporters' abilities and preparing them for the export process by providing a range of training programs and workshops relevant to the international strategy for export, marketing, logistic procedures, and policies and procedures for export, and regulations of international export. The Authority allows the Saudi factories to create opportunities for companies to export by marketing the Saudi products in the international markets. It also gives the exporters the opportunity to attend international exhibitions, and it organizes a number of bilateral meetings between the Saudi exporters and foreign importers, as well as organizing various trade missions.

Almu'aiqel stressed that the Authority is working on improving the efficiency of export environment and facilitating access to international markets through cooperation with the relevant authorities. The Authority also develops new policies and procedures or other farsighted improves existing ones for the development of exports. It encourages exporters by monitoring domestic and international challenges they face, and finds effective solutions to encounter these challenges.

Almu'aiqel explained that out of these roles, the second edition of the "Export Guide" is issued to act as an extended reference to national exporters. The guide explains how to make a local firm ready for export through clarifying the importance of export to the firm. The guide provides details on market studies, the customs requirements and the relevant authorities to contribute to the export process. It also reviews export steps in the Kingdom and offers them in a smooth and detailed form in twelve steps with an implementation mechanism necessary to complete the requirements of the procedures. The exports insurance and finance are major subjects highlighted by the guide in a full chapter to explain its requirements and concerned organizations. The last part of the guide highlights a number of details about the documentary letters of credit and some exports terminology.

The Authority hopes that its efforts and activities will be an added value to the Saudi manufacturers in a way that will positively impact the national economy in general and growth of national companies in particular through stimulating these companies and enabling them to develop their business in international markets and making use of the available opportunities. It intends to do so through training workshops offered throughout the whole year, or through participation in specialized international fairs organized by the "SAUDI EXPORTS" in many sectors, in addition to bilateral meetings and forums. For more information, please visit the website or social networking accounts, @SaudiExports 

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