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Negotiation and sale Skills for Exporters

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 02 - 04 Dec, 2018 Registration Closed
Sector: All Type: Workshop Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The workshop (Negotiation and sale Skills for Exporters) introduces participants to the best sales and negotiation methods, and to the most practical methods in international business. It covers all key markets where trainees often face challenges and seeks to improve their understating and capabilities in the business environment. It also covers key sales, negotiation and marketing steps and effective methods to adopt in each of the targeted foreign markets. The detailed presentation of negotiation skills is one of the key features of the workshop, it introduces participants to successful negotiation strategies, and to various negotiation methods that suit various cultures and countries. A number of important theories and case studies from the field of international commerce are also discussed.Duration: 3 days