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Logistics Operations Management

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 03 - 04 Feb, 2021 Limited Seats
Sector: All Type: Workshop Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The workshop aims to highlight the importance of managing logistics operations in increasing the efficiency and productivity of supply chains in facilities that contribute to lower product costs, increase profitability and performance growth, which has the effect of raising export competitiveness levels.


Workshop structure:

  • Logistics concept, tasks and responsibilities

  • Logistics management objectives

  • Types of logistics

  • Key stages of logistics

  • The relationship between logistics management and others inside and outside the organization

  • Managing the performance and productivity of logistics operations

  • Logistics Operations Management

  • Security and safety in logistics operations

  • Material activity and handling in logistics operations

  • The concept of international shipping of all kinds

  • Incoterms

  • Managing logistics costs