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Preparing a Market Profile

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 08 - 11 May, 2017 Registration Closed
Sector: All Type: Workshop Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Training Objectives: The decision to export to a new market involves doing market research on customers, understanding international demand, and eventually making strategic decisions about product design, pricing and promotion.Therefore, the SAUDI EXPORTS in coordination with ITC has organized a comprehensive course supported by AfTIAS to help trade representatives respond to requests on perceived export opportunities. The course integrates ITC Tools and methodologies as well as other elements of trade information required to effectively enter a target market.By the end of this course, participants are expected to:-Familiarize themselves with the ITC Market analysis tools and methodologies.-Gain practical knowledge and skills in creating market profiles for Saudi enterprises looking for new export opportunities.-Be able to provide better advice and research materials to companies on opportunities and feasibilities of exporting a selected product to a target market.Attendance Requirements:* English is the medium of instruction* Participants are required to bring their own laptopsTime: 9:00- 15:15Location: Holiday Inn Olaya, Diwan hall