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 After being awarded the Best Participant Award for 2014, SAUDI EXPORTS has been awarded again at MIHAS 2015

calendar 4/4/2015 9:00 PM


After being awarded the Best Participant Award for 2014, SAUDI EXPORTS has been awarded again at MIHAS 2015


SAUDI EXPORTS organizes and showcases national products of 21 Saudi companies

SAUDI EXPORTS has organized the participation of the Saudi pavilion at the Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS), held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on April 1st-4th. The Saudi pavilion witnessed the participation of 21 Saudi companies and was inaugurated by the Saudi Ambassador in Malaysia Fahad Al-Rasheed. During his visit to the Saudi pavilion and upon exploring the exhibited Saudi products, the Malaysian Minister of Trade and Industry Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed has expressed his high opinion of the displayed Saudi products; which was a clear indication of the quality of Saudi products.

Indeed, SAUDI EXPORTS had been seeking to promote Saudi exports through encouraging national companies to join its participation in specialized international exhibitions; this has been one of the most significant services offered by the Authority to Saudi industrial entities, especially SMEs. Such exhibitions had been considered a proper platform for promoting Saudi products and highlighting its quality, which in turn would generate more opportunities for reaching potential export markets; thus, creating a much more comprehensive communication platform with current and potential clients. Moreover, these exhibitions would provide exporters an opportunity to get acquainted with competitors and numerous products; to explore the needs of various markets and to penetrate these markets with much more suitable and competitive products.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi pavilion had been awarded the Best Participant award at MIHAS 2014. And this year Saudi companies would showcase more than 75 food products including a variety of processed meat and poultry, frozen fish and shrimps, fruits and vegetables, dates, juices, sugar, honey, dairy and its products, as well as pastries.

The value of Saudi food exports to Asia had exceeded 181 million Saudi Riyals by the end of 2013, of which Malaysia had the biggest share in the Asian region with 16% of total Saudi food imports, while Vietnam’s share amounted to 15%. Pakistan came in the third place as its imports were 14% while India and Indonesia together got a 9%, and the remaining 37% has been distributed among the rest of the Asian countries. Noteworthy, the Saudi food exports have achieved a 6% growth rate in the food sector by the end of 2013.


The four-day exhibition MIHAS 2015, which had provided several opportunities to directly contact the key decision makers and purchasers who were interested in this Asian growing sector, has been considered one of the most significant food specialized exhibitions with the active participation of over 500 exhibitors from more than 30 countries. MIHAS 2015 has been expected to attract more than 30 thousand specialized professionals and quality visitors in that field.               

The Saudi Export Development Authority “SAUDI EXPORTS” is looking forward to generate more opportunities for national companies towards global expansion – in view of the notable growth in several key markets around the world – through its participation at the specialized international exhibitions organized by SAUDI EXPORTS in various sectors. For more information, kindly check the Authority’s website or its social media accounts at “Twitter – YouTube” @saudiexports. 

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