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 "SAUDI EXPORTS" provides "In-Depth Assessment" service for more than 75 national enterprises to improve their export readiness

calendar 12/19/2018 12:00 AM


The development and assessment of exporters is one of the main roles played by the Saudi Export Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS" to raise the export knowledge of Saudi enterprises and develop their capacities to raise their export readiness according to the best international practices. Thus, contributing to the non-oil exports development objectives, and reflecting the Kingdom's Vision for 2030. As "SAUDI EXPORTS" provides in-depth assessment service to enhance national export capabilities by raising the export level and the readiness of export for the target enterprises. The "In-Depth Assessment" service measures the readiness of the enterprise to export, analyzes its current status and possible improvement opportunities, which qualifies it to enter the export market and access of its products to international markets at a competitive level that reflects the quality, strength and diversity of the Saudi product.

The "In-Depth Assessment" service provides more accurate assessment and follow-up of the enterprises which have already conducted the online assessment of the export readiness, which is available on the "SAUDI EXPORTS" website. Where a number of these enterprises are selected according to specific criteria to receive the "In-Depth Assessment" service through holding an organized meeting with the Export Department and export officials at the enterprise. During the "In-Depth Assessment" meeting, the Counseling, Assessment Specialist in "SAUDI EXPORTS" discusses the local market performance of the enterprise and raises a number of detailed questions related to the export strategy of the enterprise, which are of great importance in accordance with the international best practice for the success of the export process. After that the enterprise receives a detailed report on the assessment results in each of the five fields of the enterprises' export strategy of which are the products and competitive advantage, market research and its selection, market channels and sales, pricing and financing of exports, its export commitment and vision. And the enterprise is provided with recommendations of follow-up services by "SAUDI EXPORTS" or one of its partners.

It is noteworthy that the "In-Depth Assessment" service was launched early this year and benefiting more than 75 national enterprises in a number of regions of the Kingdom. The sectors of the participating enterprises varied in the assessment to cover the most important sectors targeted in the national export strategy, such as food, building materials, packaging and durable consumer products sectors.

For his part, the General Secretary of the Saudi Export Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS", Eng. Saleh Al-Solami, stated that the "In-Depth Assessment" service contributes to raising the export readiness of the targeted enterprises, which is one of the objectives of "SAUDI EXPORTS", the main strategy for strengthening export capacities of national enterprises. Adding that "SAUDI EXPORTS" seeks to provide the necessary support for enterprises to raise their capabilities and potentials, to enter and expand in international markets, and raise the competitiveness of its products reflecting the Saudi product position.

In addition to raising the export readiness of the target enterprises, "SAUDI EXPORTS" invests all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment, overcome the barriers that exporters may face, and raise the knowledge of export practices and development of human competencies in the field of export. "SAUDI EXPORTS" has also been facilitating the creation of suitable export opportunities and suitable markets by preparing market access guides and market studies on demand. "SAUDI EXPORTS" also provides a service to facilitate the linking of exporters with buyers and potential partners through trade missions and bilateral meetings on the sidelines of international exhibitions. The work of "SAUDI EXPORTS" is to reflect the Kingdom's Vision for 2030, to meet the aspirations of the wise leadership towards the development of non-oil exports and to diversify sources of income for the national economy.


Notes to editors

  • One of the "SAUDI EXPORTS" services in the field of assessment and consulting, the online assessment for the export readiness, and it is available on the website and aims to clarify the level of readiness of the enterprise for export, this assessment is considered one of the first "SAUDI EXPORTS" services to be provided to enterprises and an opportunity for "SAUDI EXPORTS" to provide the necessary support and other services appropriate to the enterprise according to its readiness.

  • The assessment is conducted through a questionnaire consisted of 10 easy questions available on the SAUDI EXPORTS website and enables the enterprise to identify its ability and readiness in general to embark on the export field. It also provides simplified instructions that assist in entering the export field.

  • The online assessment of export readiness is general for all enterprises, as for the "In-Depth Assessment" mentioned in the news is for "Saudi Exports" clients who are selected according to specific criteria and through an organized meeting with the export department and export officials of the enterprise.


    The Saudi Export Development Authority is a government authority that has begun its first activities in 1434H – 2013AD, and is concerned with increasing non-oil Saudi exports, opening up to international markets and investing all its economic capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment, through establishing programs and providing stimulus for exporters, promoting Saudi products in international markets, increasing their competitive quality and achieving their access to international markets,  reflecting the position of the Saudi product and being a source of the national economy, as the work of "SAUDI EXPORTS" is a reflects the Kingdom's Vision for 2030, and meets the aspirations of the wise leadership to diversify sources of income for the national economy. for contact:

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