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 "SAUDI EXPORTS" provides 23 detailed report specialized in dates sector and its exporting.

calendar 8/5/2018 10:00 AM


​Based on Saudi Export Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS" role in raising the proportion of non-oil exports, "SAUDI EXPORTS" seeks to increase the Kingdom share in the international dates market by highlighting the international market opportunities in the field of dates, developing the readiness of potential exporters and raising the awareness of importance of export in business growth, that detailed reports specialized in dates sector had been prepared and exported to 23 around the world.

"SAUDI EXPORTS" has prepared a series of detailed reports of the most promising markets in importing dates, which reached 23 countries. This is due to the importance of the dates sector and the increasing international demand for it, as well as its nutritional and health benefits and its entry into several industries. And to make use of the important position enjoyed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that it related to more than 1.5 billion Muslims, as well as the distinctive status of any products related to the land of the Two Holy Mosques among Muslim consumers in all parts of the world.

The reports provide a view about dates industry in general and about the target market in particular. In addition to the customer behavior and an outlook about sales, marketing and the competitive landscape in that market. It also explains the details of supply and demand, import procedures, possible buyers' addresses and numbers, and a number of important information and special recommendations, SAUDI EXPORTS allows access to these reports via e-mail or via Unified number 920007355.

In addition, "SAUDI EXPORTS" participates in Unaizah Festival Dates 2018 with a private pavilion to be launched on next Thursday dated 2 August 2018 corresponding to 20 Dhu al-Qadah 1439. On the sidelines of its participation in the festival, "SAUDI EXPORTS" provides a series of workshops to raise awareness of the export, especially the export of dates and how it is important for business growth, at the festival's headquarters.

It is worth noting that the value of Saudi exports of dates amounted to 703 million SAR in 2017, including re-exports, with an increasing of 20% compared to 2016. The UAE is the top of the import countries with a value of 154 million SAR, followed by Turkey with a value of 73 million SAR, then Kuwait with a value of 62 million SAR. And the volume of exports amounted to 147 thousand tons for the year 2017. The Kingdom also exports dates to more than 60 countries around the world, led by the United Arab Emirates, where the proportion of the Kingdom's exports of dates to the UAE 22% for 2017.

Thus, "SAUDI EXPORTS" invests all its possibilities towards improving the efficiency of the export environment, developing export capacities, promoting exporters and their products and encouraging Saudi products in addition to raising its competitiveness to access to the international markets reflecting the position of Saudi product, and to be an extension of the national economy in a way that achieves the objectives of "SAUDI EXPORTS", reflects the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030 and satisfies the aspirations of the wise leadership to diversify sources of income for the national economy.

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