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 "SAUDI EXPORTS" launches "E-Promotion" project

calendar 12/20/2018 12:00 AM


Saudi Export Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS" continues its efforts to support exporters and promote their products and services to expand in the international markets, which reflects the Kingdom's Vision for 2030 and its objectives to increase the proportion of non-oil exports from 16% to 50% of the total value of gross domestic product, in order to meet the aspirations of the wise leadership to diversify sources of income for the national economy. "SAUDI EXPORTS" enables Saudi exporters to access to the international markets by facilitating the presence of global e-commerce platforms through the launching of the "E-Promotion" project. The "E-Promotion" project will give Saudi exporters the opportunity to be on the global electronic trading platforms and will help them to launch their products towards wider prospects, noteworthy that "SAUDI EXPORTS" has held a number of strategic partnerships with global e-commerce platforms to increase the emergence of Saudi products to target groups, and these platforms are characterized by the number of its visitors and the presence of buyers interested in access to high quality products that have competitive opportunities in terms of price and quality.
"E-Promotion" project aims at enhancing the presence of Saudi products in these global platforms, enabling Saudi manufacturers to use channels dedicated to e-commerce and encouraging them to be there to market and promote their products online. Note that registration in the global commerce platforms will help in the process of linking importers from abroad with the industrial sector in the Kingdom and facilitate the process of trade between Saudi exporters and potential buyers, which contributes to increasing the volume and value of Saudi exports in general, which is one of the "SAUDI EXPORTS" important roles.
The "E-Promotion" project comes through the keenness of "SAUDI EXPORTS" to encourage Saudi products with quality, strength and efficiency to reach the world markets. One of the most important modern means of reaching world markets is electronic commerce, which is considered as the modern future of trade. According to recent studies, there is a huge growth and a massive proliferation of the e-commerce market in the world and in Saudi Arabia, where Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) estimated e-commerce transactions in Saudi Arabia between consumers and companies by about 30 billion SAR last year.
In addition to the global e-promotion platform, "SAUDI EXPORTS" offers a number of online services to its customers, such as "Export Barriers" service, which contribute to support exporters and monitoring the local and international barriers facing them, and then study and analyze these barriers and find effective solutions to address them and to ensure that they are not repeated, in cooperation with the relevant government agencies, where exporters can register any barrier they face during the export process through the website. It also provides an "Exporters Directory", an online guide that allows users to easily search for Saudi suppliers by industry or product category, and can access to brief information about Saudi companies, its products and services, which helps exporters to promote their online business to a wide range of potential buyers interested in Saudi products. These services include "Export Atlas" service, which is a tool for providing and analyzing global trade data, providing information about supply and demand in the markets and the target sectors, and highlighting export opportunities by sector, in addition to presenting the most important economic indicators for countries. "Atlas" aims at supporting those who decided to export in companies in addition to serving students, interested and researchers in the field of international trade and economic affairs.

"SAUDI EXPORTS" works on increasing the export readiness of the target enterprises by providing an online export readiness assessment that will help the enterprise to identify its capacity and readiness to embark on the export field and provide simplified instructions that assist in entering the export field, in general. In addition, "SAUDI EXPORTS" has also been facilitating the creation of suitable export opportunities and suitable markets by preparing market access manuals and market studies on demand. Market access manuals provide information on the target international market in order to help exporters make clear decisions when accessing new markets. This information includes, for example, the profile of the State, the ease of doing business, and the sectors of export opportunities therein, it also includes proposals to help companies enter those markets. While Market Studies service provides exporters with the option to request special market research on demand to meet their needs to help them understand specific markets, such as researches on potential partners/clients, and what are the proper channels to reach them, clients' preferences, and the business environment.


Noteworthy that "SAUDI EXPORTS" invests all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment, develop export capabilities, promote exporters and their products, promote Saudi products and increase their competitiveness to reach international markets. The work of "SAUDI EXPORTS" reflects the Vision of the Kingdom of 2030, to meet the aspirations of the wise leadership towards the development of non-oil exports and diversification of income sources for the national economy.

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