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 SAUDI EXPORTS launched the export certification support program

calendar 4/17/2019 12:00 PM


The Saudi Exports Development Authority “SAUDI EXPORTS” launched the first phase of the export certification support program in cooperation with the  International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy In order to raise knowledge and develop human capabilities in the field of export. The program covers 250 training grants from “SAUDI EXPORTS” to employees within 112 national enterprises that are currently exporting or aspiring to export from several sectors in order to prepare their staff to obtain the certificate specialized in export (Export Import Certificate).​


The certificate program is delivered through an e-Learning platform that enables professional development and preparation through five courses to prepare the participants to set for competency exam to obtain the certificate. With this, the participants demonstrate that they gained the necessary skills and knowledge in the field of international trade and various topics on international business, contracts, financing options, and logistics.


The export certification comes in response to the needs of enterprises in building the capabilities of their employees and part of the solutions provided by “SAUDI EXPORTS” to aid the readiness of enterprises to export and enhance their competitiveness to access international markets. A major factor in the enterprises international competitiveness is the development of human competencies in the areas of management, international marketing, supply chain, and trade finance in order to carry out tasks that will achieve the objectives of enterprises to go global.


It is worth mentioning that "SAUDI EXPORTS" employs all its capabilities to improve the efficiency of the export environment, build export capacities, promote exporters and their products, create export opportunities, and increase the competitiveness of Saudi businesses in order to help them access international markets in a way that reflects the position and quality of the Saudi product and serve as a tributary to the national economy. The efforts of "SAUDI EXPORTS" are guided by the Saudi Vision 2030 and in response to the aspirations of the wise leadership towards diversifying the sources of income of the national economy.

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