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 "SAUDI EXPORTS" is participating in four upcoming international exhibitions

calendar 7/11/2018 10:00 AM


​Saudi Export Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS" continues its efforts to support the presence of Saudi products in the international markets, open the door to export the national products and to contribute to reserve its market share internationally to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision which aims at diversifying sources of income for the national economy. Whereas "SAUDI EXPORTS" is participating in four international exhibitions in different fields to support the local industries and to open new export channels for Saudi companies in the regional and international markets and to highlight Saudi product as a competitor product to its international counterpart in terms of price and quality, down to increase the market shares of local products in the international markets, thus enhancing the contribution of this sector to the gross national product (GNP).

Now, "SAUDI EXPORTS" is working to continue the procedures of national companies' participation on "Saudi Pavilion" which is organized in a number of upcoming international exhibitions, the first one is "SIAL Paris 2018" exhibition which is one of the biggest exhibitions specialized in Food Industry Sector, which will be held in Paris during the period from 21 to 25 October. This is the third participation of "SAUDI EXPORTS" in SIAL exhibition, which is one of the most lucrative exhibitions for investors, that it contains 19 sections and 7 thousand international exhibitors, it is expected that its visitors will reach over 160 thousand by the end of exhibition days from around the world.

Furthermore, "SAUDI EXPORTS" participates for the fifth time with an integrated pavilion in the exhibition of GITEX Technology 2018 in Dubai, which is the third largest technical exhibition in the world, during the period between 14-18 October. The exhibition is visited by almost 146 thousand visitors annually, from those who are interested and specialized in technical and communication field, who represent more than 144 countries around the world. The exhibition is remarkable for being a platform to show the latest solutions and techniques reached by specialized in information and communication technology industry in a number of technical sectors. It is worth mentioning that the number of participants in Saudi pavilion which was organized by "SAUDI EXPORTS" in the previous exhibitions of GITEX were more than 120 Saudi companies.

Furthermore, "SAUDI EXPORTS" participates for the first time in the exhibition of "GULFOOD MANUACTURING" that is held in Dubai from 6 to 8 November, which is considered as one of the biggest commercial exhibitions for food industry and packaging in Middle East, and it is the fastest way to enter food industry and what it contains from products, techniques and services with the participation of more than 1560 exhibitors from 58 countries.

"SAUDI EXPORTS" concluded its participation this year with The Big Five 2018 exhibition which will be started in Dubai during the period from 26 to 29 November. One of the biggest exhibitions specialized in building materials, construction and infrastructure in the Middle East, and it is one of the strongest markets of constructions and installations sector, that it gathers investors and investors in the construction materials sector in the Middle East. This is the 5th consecutive participation of the pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this exhibition and the biggest in terms of the number of Saudi companies participating, that the number of participants until the last year was amounted to 341 Saudi companies.

It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom pavilion in these exhibitions is considered as a suitable platform for promoting products of national enterprises and for highlighting its competitive quality internationally, the participation in the international exhibition ensures the direct communication with the clients, the conclusion of commercial transactions, knowledge of competitors in the field, and enhancing the image of the entity involved in the foreign markets.

Thus, "SAUDI EXPORTS" invests all its possibilities towards improving the efficiency of the export environment, developing export capacities, promoting exporters and their products and encouraging Saudi products in addition to raising its competitiveness to access to the international markets reflecting the position of Saudi product, and to be an extension of the national economy in a way that achieves the objectives of "SAUDI EXPORTS", reflects the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030 and satisfies the aspirations of the wise leadership to diversify sources of income for the national economy.

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