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 Reducing the duration of issuance food export certificates helps the exporters

calendar 6/4/2018 11:00 AM


​Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) has reduced the procedures for issuing certificates of export validity for local food products to be done within one working day instead of 15 working day through the online system, via the application of " Fast track option for issuing certificates of export validity for local food products " to enterprises obligated to apply technical regulations, standard specifications based on the enterprise, its food products and the needs of the authority, and it has no observations that require export suspension, and it has obtained the certificate of export validity for a period of not less than one year

This action is considered as a positive step to overcome difficulties faced by exporters and to facilitate export. The integration and cooperation of authorities to solve export barriers, facilitate and develop its procedures and improve the efficiency of the export environment has a great impact on the growth of Saudi exports and its access to the international markets.

It is worth mentioning that "SAUDI EXPORTS" invests all its possibilities towards improving the efficiency of the export environment, developing export capacities, promoting exporters and their products and encouraging Saudi products in addition to raising its competitiveness to access to the international markets reflecting the position of Saudi product, and to be an extension of the national economy in a way that achieves the objectives of "SAUDI EXPORTS", reflects the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030 and satisfies the aspirations of the wise leadership to diversify sources of income for the national economy.

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