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 Opening the Saudi Pavilion in the "Big 5" Exhibition

calendar 11/16/2014 12:00 PM


​Abal-Khail: "SAUDI EXPORTS" is Keen on Exploring New Markets for the Saudi Products

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Zamil, Board member of the Saudi Exports Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS", Chairman of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, opened on behalf of the Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Tawfiq bin Fuzan Al-Rubi'a, the Saudi Pavilion at the International Exhibition of Building and Construction "Big 5", which kicked off on Monday 17 November, and will continue until Thursday, November 20th, at the Dubai International Exhibition and Conferences Centre.

Since its opening yesterday, the Saudi Stand, witnessed large numbers of visitors. In addition, the "Saudi Export" tripled the Saudi exhibitors' participation compared with last year. The number of national companies that offer products manufactured in Saudi Arabia were 98 exhibitors, while they were 27 exhibitors in the last year.

On his part, the Director of marketing and public relations in the Saudi Exports Development Authority, Firas bin Abdulaziz Abal-Khail, explained that "the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz -May God protect him- is keen on expanding the Saudi industries in all global markets through a clear strategy based on providing facilities and appropriate guidance to the Saudi producers to enhance the competitiveness and open export channels. This will contribute to strengthening role of industry as a second source of income in the Kingdom, develop the industrial and commercial sector and strengthen partnership with private sector in taking the Saudi products to the international markets".

By organizing the Saudi participation in the exhibition with a number of Saudi companies in the private sector, which comprised nearly 100 companies and factories, the aim of the "SAUDI EXPORTS" is to promote the Saudi domestic industries through opening export channels in most countries of the world and show the Saudi product as a counterpart global competitor in terms of price and quality. According to Dr. Al-Zamil, this comes as part of the Kingdom's tendency to diversify sources of national income and develop local industries.

Abal-Khail pointed out that the Saudi product has a high quality in line with the target market requirements. This is in addition to the appropriate prices, which makes it an alternative to the foreign products in the Gulf and Arab markets. This is attributed to the properties that meet the expectations of importers and consumers as well.

The "SAUDI EXPORTS" pursues efforts to spread the Saudi product in all countries around the world. He explained that the Kingdom pursues a clear strategy to enable Saudi products reach all markets. He added: "we have enough human and material elements to gain access to international markets, through various fields of our national industries."

The Saudi participation in this exhibition comes as part of the Agency's strategic plan to increase non-oil exports and acquaint the regional construction sector with the opportunities of importing Saudi construction materials.

Abal-Khail confirmed that the Authority aims through this participation in the specialized international exhibitions on construction and building materials to highlight the quality of Saudi products and competitive ability with foreign counterparts.

He explained that this is the second Saudi participation in the "Big 5" exhibition where the Authority is keen on opening channels for the Saudi products to communicate with potential foreign customers. He added: "We pay a great attention to the exhibitions that target institutions and companies because we are aware of their importance in promoting the Saudi exports through partnerships and huge transactions we hope to sign during this exhibition."

The Saudi companies  participating in the exhibition count on the great potentials of the Gulf and Arab construction sector and the magnitude of significant growth opportunities it has for the Saudi industries that provide construction products such as glass, insulation materials, marble, ceramic, doors, iron, granite, bricks, stone paving roads, timber, tile and others.

In the meantime, a number of Saudi exhibitors at the Saudi Pavilion said that they seek through this large participation this year, to access the international markets at a broader level. This is due to what they have learned from the experiences in the Saudi market over a period that dates back to more than 30 years.​

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