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 Trade Mission to Explore Export Opportunities in Turkmenistan

calendar 3/21/2016 12:00 PM


"SAUDI EXPORTS" Offers National Products to Turkmenistani Businessmen

The Saudi-Turkmenistani business forum will begin in the city of Eshkabad tomorrow, Wednesday, and lasts for three days. The event will take place after the Saudi Exports Development Authority "SAUDI EXPORTS" the organizer of the events, has completed registration procedures of 46 national companies, members of the trade mission to Turkmenistan. This registration is one of the most important services provided by the "SAUDI EXPORTS" to the registered companies through its website. This comes within its objectives to promote products to international corporations to achieve better access of national products to those markets. The "SAUDI EXPORTS" arranges business-to-business meetings between Saudi exporters and potential buyers in the Republic of Turkmenistan, with a view to create quality opportunities for Saudi products, and achieve a wider openness to the international markets. The national companies represent several sectors including construction materials, equipment, engines, food products, electronics and appliances.

The Turkmenistani side includes several government agencies that will hold a number of workshops targeting national companies, dealing with import requirements and introducing its procedures to Saudi businessmen. The Saudi construction sector products have targeted the Turkmen side over the past year 2015, recording a share of 31% of Turkmenistan's total imports, followed by heavy machinery and electrics with a share of 21%, the automobiles sector by 14%, followed by food products 9%, while 25% goes to other sectors.

The Authority hopes that its efforts and activities will be an added value to the Saudi manufacturers in a way that will positively impact the national economy in general and growth of national companies in particular through stimulating these companies and enabling them to develop their business in international markets and making use of the available opportunities. It intends to do so through training workshops offered throughout the whole year, or through participation in specialized international fairs organized by the "SAUDI EXPORTS" in many sectors, in addition to bilateral meetings and forums. For more information, please visit the website or social networking accounts @SaudiExports. 

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