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The Essential Program for Developing Exporters

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 14 - 18 Jul, 2019 Registration Closed
Sector: All Type: Workshop Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Exporters Foundation program were developed to focus on the key skills based on the Export body of knowledge. At the end of the program, the trainee is expected to acquire the following knowledge and skills:The importance accessing international marketsSaudi export services as well as custom regulations and related authoritiesInternational marketing - marketing mix, access to information resources and market researchNegotiation strategies and international selling procedures and toolsAvailable financing and guarantee options as well as insurance solutionsExport procedures, transportation and logisticsIncoterms and identification of costs, risks and obligations in import and export transactionsSales contracts and means of payment, collection, documentary credits, types and related partiesPreparation and presentation of export plan draftTime: 09:00 am - 04:00 pmDuration: Five days