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 Individual participation in international exhibitions

1. Benefit

• Compensation of fees paid for individual participation in international exhibitions

• Compensation of 65% of the fees, up to a maximum of 300,000 Saudi riyals

2. Activities covered

• Registration fees for international exhibitions

• Product samples (shipping costs included)

• Design and creation of the pavilion

3. Value Proposition

• Displaying products and increasing their presence in international markets

• Communicate and interact with potential buyers and partners

• Learn about competitors' products, prices and features

• Follow up on trends and developments in the sector

• Reducing the financial burdens resulting from registration and shipping fees


4. Eligibility criteria

• The date of participation in the exhibition should not be one month before the date of approving the application from the start date of the exhibition.

• The Authority shall not be participating in the exhibition in the same hall and provide the required space for the client.


5. Special Policies

• The customer participating in the service must provide proof of his participation in the exhibition before disbursing the incentive amount, including: original subscription invoices and photos of the facility’s pavilion in the exhibition. The customer must also submit an extract from the commercial register, a claim letter and the required documents after completing the service


• The client shall submit to the Authority a comprehensive and accurate report on his participation after the completion of the exhibition

• The exchange requirements must be submitted within 14 days from the end of the exhibition and no request will be considered after the specified period, except if the customer has a valid justification and there is still a budget available after the expiry of the period


Attaching the contract between the authority's client and the service provider to participate in the exhibition, explaining all the details of the participation

• The customer has the right to apologize for participating and inform the Authority of this in writing for a period of no less than five days from the date of the exhibition's start, and in the event that the Authority is not informed, that customer may be subject to withholding the service or a group of the Authority's services from him in the future

• The customer must explain the need for the incentive by presenting the expected result of receiving the incentive within the demand, for example: (the percentage of increase in sales, the formation of experiences in certain areas and specific markets, the expansion in specific markets, etc.)