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 Specialized Training

1. Benefit

• Reimbursement of fees for specialized or advanced training programs, participation in workshops, or obtaining professional / specialized certificates in export fields

• Compensation of 55% of the fees, with a maximum of 50,000 Saudi riyals


2. Activities covered

• Specialized training programs related to export, including specialized professional certificates in the field of export, with the exception of training programs offered by the Saudi Export Development Authority within workshops or electronic courses


3. Value Proposition

• Develop skills and capabilities that develop exports

• Reducing the financial burden of participating in internationally recognized training programmes


4. Eligibility criteria

• There are no criteria for this incentive


5. Special Policies

• The customer must explain the need for the incentive by presenting the expected result of receiving the incentive within the demand, for example: (the percentage of increase in sales, the formation of experiences in certain areas and specific markets, the expansion in specific markets, etc.)