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 Legal Support

1. Benefit

Compensate fees for specialized legal advice and legal expertise in target markets

• Compensation of 85% of the fees with a maximum of 100,000 Saudi riyals


2. Activities covered

• Explanation of the rules and regulations of trade in foreign markets, such as: (tax laws)

• Define trade restrictions

• Identification of import/export legal risks

• Preparing model legal documents for export

• Negotiate import and export agreements

• Commercial Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution


3. Value Proposition

• Understand relevant laws and regulations to operate successfully in foreign markets

• Understand legal limitations and risks and measures to mitigate them

• Receive specialized legal assistance and benefit from legal expertise in target markets

• Reducing the financial burden of expertise and specialized legal support


4. Eligibility criteria

• There are no criteria for this incentive


5. Special Policies

• The customer must explain the need for the incentive by presenting the expected result of receiving the incentive within the demand, for example: (the percentage of increase in sales, the formation of experiences in certain areas and specific markets, the expansion in specific markets, etc.)