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 facilitate the visit of potential buyers

1. Benefit

• Compensating the costs of visiting potential buyers to open greater opportunities for cooperation with external companies to increase the sales of the facility

• Compensation of 90% of the fees with a maximum of 50,000 Saudi riyals (for visits that include less than three invitees, the ceiling becomes 13,000 riyals for each invitee)


2. Activities covered

• Visa fees, airline tickets and hotel accommodations

• The above covered activities apply to the auditors sent by the buyer (or potential buyer) to review and approve the applicant on his list of approved clients for future sales


3. Value Proposition

• Facilitate business development efforts with foreign buyers

• Reducing the financial burden of visits to business partners


4. Eligibility criteria

• There are no criteria for this incentive


5. Special Policies

• The customer participating in the service must submit all documents that prove the buyers visit before disbursing the incentive amount, including: (visitor visas, ticket and hotel bills). The customer must also submit an extract from the commercial register, a claim letter and the required documents after completing the service

• The exchange requirements must be submitted within 14 days from the date of completion of the service and no request will be considered after the specified period, except if the customer has a valid justification and there is still a budget available after the expiry of the period

• The customer must explain the need for the incentive by presenting the expected result of receiving the incentive within the demand, for example: (the percentage of increase in sales, the formation of experiences in certain areas and specific markets, the expansion in specific markets, etc.)