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 Consulting incentive

1. Benefit

• Compensation for the study fees for "export and supply chain strategies", which contribute to preparing the facility to compete effectively in foreign markets and succeed in them.

• Compensation of 55% of the fees, up to a maximum of 255,000 Saudi riyals


2. Activities covered

• Supply Chain Diagnostic Studies

 • International Business Plan Development

• Supply Chain Strategy

• Foreign Market Entry Strategies

• Improving business networks

• Determining the position of products and their prices in foreign markets

• Inventory optimization

• Business risk management and scenario planning

• Supply chain risk management

 • Procurement strategies, for example: (raw materials)

• Improved transportation routes • Export program management


3. Value Proposition

• Capacity building that supports export development

• Develop strategies and plans for business, supply chains and marketing to effectively compete in and succeed in foreign markets

• Reducing the financial burden of building export-related capacities


4. Eligibility criteria

• That the customer has completed the detailed evaluation if requested within the past two years, and that the evaluation showed the customer's need for this service (only if the incentive amount

exceeds 100,000 Saudi riyals).


5. Special Policies

• The exchange requirements must be submitted within 14 days from the date of completion of the service specified in the system and no request will be considered after the specified period, except if the customer has a valid justification and there is still a budget available after the expiry of the period

• The customer must explain the need for the incentive by presenting the expected result of receiving the incentive within the demand, for example: (the percentage of increase in sales, the formation of experiences in certain areas and specific markets, the expansion in specific markets, etc.)