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 Export Toolkit


Specialized Product Studies

The Specialized Product Studies service aims to enable factories and local companies to achieve a wider spread of their exports and penetrate new markets. It focuses on multiple aspects, such as the analysis of consumer behavior, pricing policy, export requirements, market penetration strategy, p​otential buyers, products analysis and its industry in Saudi Arabia.​

Market Research Tools Provided by the International Trade Center

Given the scarcity of reliable business information in global markets, the International Trade Center has established a center with many market research aids.

1- International Trade Information: The Trade Map provides you with indicators of export performance, international demand, alternative markets, and competitive markets, as well as a guide for importing and exporting companies, as it covers 220 countries and territories and 5,300 products according to the Harmonized System in the form of tables, graphic charts and maps. It also provides monthly, quarterly and annual trade flows starting from the cumulative level to the level of customs tariff. To search the map of international trade, click here. To view the demo video, click here.

2- Market Entry Map - International Trade Center: This map provides information on:

  • Tariffs; the map includes tariff preferences in 200 countries and applied by 239 countries and territories.
  • Tariffs duties.
  • Commercial processors.
  • Rules and Certificates of Origin.
  • Tariff limits for members of the World Trade Organization.
  • Non-tariff and non-trade flows procedures.

It is worth noting this information will assist exporters in setting their priorities, analyzing export markets, and preparing them for market entry negotiations. To view more, click here, and to view the demo video, click here

 3- International Trade Investment Map: the investment map aims to assist investment promotion agencies in determining the priority sectors for investment promotion, identifying potential investors in those sectors, identifying competing countries for internal investment and clarifying opportunities for bilateral agreements between countries. The investment map contains statistics on foreign direct investment and international trade, as well as data on customs tariffs and activities of international companies. Customs and commercial data are provided on nearly 5,000 products (non-service) and can be searched by the Harmonized System code consisting of 6 digits. There is also information on foreign direct investment on goods and services for nearly 150 sectors. To view more, click here, and to view the demo video, click here

4- International Trade Procurement Map: The Procurement Map provides its users with detailed information on more than 150,000 public tenders in developing countries, and paves the way for encouraging entrepreneurship and the search for opportunities in new markets. Users were also able to easily identify potential buyers by searching for the target country and economic sector. To view more, click here, and to view the demo video, click here


5- International Trade Standards Map: The Standards Map provides integrated, reliable and transparent information for voluntary sustainability standards and similar initiatives covering other issues such as food health and quality. This program aims to strengthen the capacities of producers, exporters, decision makers and buyers; To participate in the sustainability of production and trade. To view more, click here, and to view the demo video, click here

6- The expected export map: This map translates commercial data into practical information to see export opportunities for more than 200 countries and 4,064 products. The map is based on the adopted economic trade model, tariffs, GDP, and geographical data. This map helps discover untapped export potentials as well as various export opportunities. To view more, click here, and to view the video, click here.

7- Commercial Competition Map - International Trade Center: The Commercial Competition Map provides analytical files for foreign markets and covers approximately 240 countries and territories. Each file also provides a series of tools that facilitate strategic market research, monitor the performance of national, sectoral and macroeconomic trade, and formulate trade development strategies. To view more, click here


Kompass is a search engine that provides you with information about the companies you intend to do business with, such as: company size, description of activity, trade names, importing and exporting countries, and operational information such as the names of the main contacts and their tasks. In addition to financial information for the last three fiscal years, when available. To make the best use of it, you can use basic information to search for companies such as company name, contact information, or sector. To visit the site click View More


Hoovers site provides comprehensive and in-depth information on companies and sectors, including the largest commercial institutions in the world, which will contribute to the development of your business. This information includes: company overview, company history, competitors, and financial information on the most important public and private companies around the world. It is noteworthy that the website database provides information about more than 85 million companies in addition to information on sectors such as sector trends, opportunities and financial information for more than 1000 sectors. To visit the site, click view more

International Trade Culture

This site explains trade etiquette in different countries. It gives users information about trade in the selected country, management style, teamwork method, communication methods, and uniforms in that country, in addition to some tips, facts and figures about the target country.

World's Public Holidays Website

The exporter should know the official holidays in the countries whose markets he wishes to target. This site helps to inform about all holidays in all countries.

World Trade Organization

This tool enables the user to access the organization's integrated database (IDB) and Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS). It also enables the user to select markets and products as well as obtaining reports and download data.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT Institute

This site is used as a tool that makes it easy for users to obtain specific information in the form of graphs about products that are exchanged between countries.